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”OLED” the Rising Star

OOver 90% of the body of an OLED lighting device is luminous parts; moreover, it is bendable and does not overheat. Therefore, it is adaptable to the needs of both building materials and interior design, providing designers more flexibility to create more situational applications.

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Decorative lighting

Dr. C.T. Liu, General Director of ITRI’s Electronics and Optoelectronics Research Laboratories point out that OLED lighting emits soft diffuse light, thus making it perfect for indoor use. He predicts OLED lighting products will be applied first to the decorative lighting market.

Resource:ITRI promote the coexistence of LED and OLED lighting & pursue a new blue ocean strategy for the industry and better lighting for the general public
OLED light panels

OLED lighting is extremely comfortable to the eyes. OLED lighting does not emit UV, which increases eye fatigue, or produces blue light, which can cause eye damage. OLED light panels are only the surface light
source that is currently available, which makes them ideal for various design applications.

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