Medical Lighting

Electronic skin

UC Berkeley has already developed a Paper-thin “electronic skin”, it’s a first user-interactive sensor network on flexible plastic. The new electronic skin, or e-skin, responds to touch by instantly lighting up. The more intense the pressure, the brighter the light it emits.

Resource: OLED”E-Skin” applied to the field of medical
Gentle light source

Takahata electronics has built on top of its medical lighting concept, and is currently supplying nurses with OLED luminaires. The gentle light source can be used in hospitals. Takahata is also supplying various OELD panels to suppliers, and is producing to meet different application markets.

Resource: Lighting Japan 2015: OLED Lighting Market Introduces 3D Printing Technology
Candlelight-Style OLEDs

OLEDs are an ideal lighting source for use at night. For example, based on OLED principle we produce a candlelight-style lighting, and by choosing the phosphorescent dyes, will maintaining the low blue emission and high-red emission in these candlelight-style OLES, and makes it more efficiency.

Resource: Candlelight-Style lighting an OLED application can prevent cancer