About YLT / Company Introduction

  YingLight Technology Co. Ltd, founded in Aug. 2013. As a professional organic light-emitting diode (OLED) company, we engage in research & development (R&D) design & production.

  Our core business can be divide into two parts. First part, include R&D production in OLED, design & application of new generation luminaires, these are the main products to consumer markets. Second, according to OLED industry pioneer, we provide organic solutions, which make us the supplier of new OLED panel material.

Our History

2013 Aug. YingLight Technology Company Ltd. founded
2013 Oct.  Stationed in Innovation & Incubation Center of NFU (National
                  Formosa University)
2013 Oct.  Develop conductive solution & application for patent
2013 Nov. Develop solution-processed monochromatic green light OLED

2014 Mar.  Develop solution-processed monochromatic blue light OLED 
2014 Jul.   Get verification of Small Business Innovation Research(SBIR)
2014 Oct.  Display solution-processed green light and red light element
                  in Taiwan International Green Industry show

2015 Feb.  Reorganized into YingLight Technology company limited by 
2015 Feb.  Develop solution-processed white light with color mixing OLED
2015 Mar.  Display portable lighting device & OLED element with special
                  striation design in Taiwan INT’L Lighting Show
2015 Jun.   Display solution-processed white light in OPTO Taiwan Display
                  Inspection Technology of Nano-Sized Dispersion in Nano Taiwan
2015 Jul.   Get verification of Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
2015 Oct.  Capital increase & expect to build adequate production line
2015 Oct.  Invited by Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition), display
                  OLED product with design pattern

2016 Jan.   Participate in Lighting Japan 2016, display 50mm solution-processed
                  OLED lighting
2016 Apr.  Participate in Taiwan International Lighting Show, display a 
                  lighting which design with ITRI

2017 Jul.  Approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ OLED lighting
                  application industry promotion project
2018 Apr.  Sponsoring tSSL Taiwan Solid State Lighting Conference
2021 Feb. Develop more than 6 inches of OLED lighting specifications, ready for product sales